LAHORE – The City District Government has failed to meet the one-month deadline to convert 20 important roads of the City into model roads. The deadline was given by the Provincial Government and the Commissioner Lahore Division; however the roads remain in pathetic condition.

The CDG had also claimed to finish the ongoing construction work on dozens of roads and development projects within the given time period. But the existing situation of these roads has become a constant nuisance for the residents of surrounding localities as well as commuters with frequent traffic jams, a survey conducted by The Nation revealed.

Meanwhile, concerned authorities in the Provincial Government, City District Governments’ Works & Communication Department, Wasa, Lesco and some other departments are holding each other responsible for the delay in construction of the road. Furthermore, the government’s sudden interest in the new master plan launched by the district administration has left dozens of proposed ‘model roads’ of the City trenched for construction purposes, elevating problems in the everyday lives of Lahorites.

Speaking about the ongoing development projects, EDO Works and Communication Department of CDGL Muhammad Akram Zafar admitted that the concerned departments had failed to meet the deadline. However, he clarified that some unexpected hurdles and modifications in the plans were the main reason for the delay.

“Obviously, delay in completing construction of some roads is causing inconvenience not only for the commuters but also for the business community and residents of nearby vicinities” Akram Zafar added.

Rush hour traffic in the City was never less than a nightmare, but with most of the city roads dug up for laying sewerage pipelines, widening, surface maintenance and construction of flyovers majority of citizens are unable to reach their destinations on time due to traffic jams and congested diversion routes.

The government has initiated several development projects at the Ferozpur Road, Multan Road, Allama Iqbal Road Lawrence Road, Circular Road from Railway Station to Azadi Chowk, Queen Marry College Road from Davis Road to Garhi Shahu, Kharak Road, a portion of GT Road, Shalimar Link Road, Kacha Band Road and a number of small roads and streets in residential and commercial areas.

Meanwhile, a number of ongoing projects such as the Canal flyover at Muslim Town Mor and an underpass at Kalma Chowk, which had to be started immediately after the completion of Kalma Chowk Flyover, have been left pending.

The government has yet to complete the construction and widening of Multan Road, which has been pending for the past few years. Other unfinished projects include road construction from Railway Station to Dharampura and sewerage pipelines laying project at Allama Iqbal Road where CDG and WASA have failed to meet the given deadlines.

The citizen’s misery was further multiplied, when these roads were excavated in the absence of a formal traffic plan for commuters; frequent and huge traffic jams have become the order of the day on roads in and around the City’s business and commercial centres.

In addition to that the rampant construction work has left the city engulfed in a blanket of dust, creating more problems for the residents of surrounding localities. The polluted environment is posing health hazards for the population with disease like asthma and breathing problems on the rise.