ISLAMABAD : Mian Shahid, CEO Saudi Pak Insurance Co. on Sunday said effective cooperation among team members is essential to the success of any business while lack of cooperative environment is fatal for organisations.Organisations are energised with teamwork while lack of teamwork cripples businesses, he said.

Speaking at a capacity building seminar, Mian Shahid said that selecting right team members is a challenge for management as teams with wrong members would eventually fail no matter how hard they try.

Former President UBL Aziz Memon, former President ABL Salim Sheikh, Majeed Memon, Hassan bin Dawood, Altimish Malik, and others were also present on the occasion.

Mian Shahid said that many corporations with frequent replacements, distrust, unnecessary secrecy, and negative attitudes are on path of self-destruction.

Success in corporate culture lies in being positive, open, and invigorating, he said adding that members of any team can only thrive in a challenging and creative environment.

Mian Sahid said that destructive organizational climate as well as positive corporate culture comes from the top-down.

“Management of any company is largely responsible for the work culture that an organization develops,” he stressed.

Managers can foster a good climate by making their expectations clear through detailed job description, personal discussions and empowering each team member. Disagreeing without reasoning leaves team confused, he added.

Recognition is another key to success; failure to give out positive recognition pushes employees to seek negative recognition.  He said that those managers who are not included in decision-making process are deprived are sense of ownership.

Alternative to provision of opportunities and challenges and promotion of unique talents and strengths is boredom and mediocrity.