A STREET cleaner who found a £20,000 Rolex down a drain took a TV crew back to the scene - and found three more designer watches.

Arron Large, 28, could now be in for a £60,000 payout if nobody claims the valuable timepieces, reports the Daily Telegraph. He was commended for his honesty after discovering the Rolex and promptly handing it in to police.

However, when he returned to the same spot with a local television news crew to explain his story, he was stunned to find another Rolex, an Omega and a Franck Muller.

The timepieces were all found in drains opposite Chalkwell railway station, Essex. Mr Large, from Rayleigh, said: "I told my colleague you're not going to believe me but I've found another one. "He said 'shut up', but when I took it out and wiped it off I realised it really was another Rolex. Then I saw the other two. It's quite amazing."

Police are investigating whether the watches are linked to any previous thefts. PC Patrick Soontorn of Essex Police said "To find one watch in a drain is one thing. To find three more within feet of one another is another, so that's part of our investigation."             –WO