The trilateral summit held in Islamabad attended by Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan has infuriated America and US House of Representatives has passed a resolution demanding sovereignty of Balochistan. The resolution has noted that Balochistan is currently divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan with no sovereign right of its own. America, failing on all strategic fronts, has declared an open war against Pakistan. In fact, USA is the root cause of terrorism in the region that has put solidarity of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan at stake. Surely, like Kurds now USA would openly provide support to militants to destabilise Iran and Pakistan.

Iran provides a strategic depth to Pakistan. It must be a role model for us that is successfully continuing to resist with US military and economic pressure. It has bravely confronted with USA and eventually protected its interests in the region. It never allowed American troops to conduct operation in its territory. Nor it handed over militants to USA as we did. Iran has shot down US drones moving into its territory. Also, Iran brought down US drone in December 2011 that is still held by it. Iran can help Pakistan to overcome its economic and electricity crisis. Recently, Iran has offered to help build gas pipeline in Pakistan. Iran is lucky to have honest leadership that is not involved in corruption and adopting extravagant style of life.

Despite Indian and US support, US installed ruler Hamid Karzai cannot remain in power without Pakistan’s will. Karzai has been sidelined by USA in negotiation with Taliban. USA is not sincere to anyone else. Its aim is to divide and then overpower them. Karzai has been critical of US policies in the past. It must be remembered that USA could not muster enough support from Pathans of Pakistan and Afghanistan to pursue its agenda. Therefore, USA has opened a new front in Balochistan where it would meet the same fate. Pakistan’s concessions and support to Karzai can help him defy US pressure and halt India going deep into Afghanistan.

War is also a psychological phenomena and Pakistan is winning the battle at all fronts. Its America, not Pakistan, that is weary of the war. Despite fragile economy and sacrifices of more than forty thousand personnel, Pakistan is determined to offer any sacrifice to safeguard its interests in the region. USA must read writing on the wall that earlier the USA withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, the better for US honourable exit from Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Iran are prime targets of USA just like Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. USA is spreading its ‘crusade war’ to establish its sway over the entire Muslim world. Unfortunately, our political leadership is secretly toeing the US line but apparently raising hue and cry against it. Our reaction, as usual, to the US–Congress resolution on Balochistan is shameful. Have we called US Ambassador to register the protest? We must learn a lesson of protecting national interests from Turkey and Iran. We need to cement relations with Iran, not with India. Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan must stand together, shoulder to shoulder to counter American threats in the region.


Multan, February 19.