ISLAMABAD - Targeting former President General Musharraf, Central leader of PML-Q Imtiaz Ranjha Sunday said that wrong policies of Musharraf regarding Balochistan today allowed US Congress to bring resolution on Balochistan.

He said if President Musharraf acted upon the pieces of advice of Secretary General PML-Q Mushahid Hussain Sayed and PML-Q President Ch Shujat Hussain, the situation in Balochistan could be different but he used power to solve the issues of Balochistan. He added that General Musharraf was surrounded by flattering people and was not ready to listen to advices of senior political leadership of the PML-Q. He was of the view that supporting Musharraf on Lal Mosque and Balochistan issue was a mistake of PML-Q and later the party has to face its consequences in 2008 general elections as Musharraf’s slogan ‘sab se pehlay Pakistan’ was based on lie. “His only wish was to keep ruling on Pakistan that could not fulfill despite all his legal or illegal attempts. However now all political leadership of the country will have to stand united for the progress and prosperity of the country”, he added.

Ranjha further said that if they did not unite then they would be responsible for the whole scenario. He further urged the media and bureaucracy of the country to come forward and play their role for the betterment of the country.

He was of the view that everyone was responsible for the current situation of Balochistan and only those people should now talk with Baloch people on which they trust. He said that some low level people talked so higher which resulted into this situation in the province.