Those who spoke in different sessions of the three-day Nazaria-i-Pakistan Conference called upon all factions of the Pakistan Muslim League to unite under one banner. They said PML was the only political party that could pull the country out of prevailing mess and lead the people towards the path of peace, harmony and progress. Chairman Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Editor-in-Chief of Nawa-i-Waqt Group, Majid Nizami spoke at length about the history and achievements of Pakistan Muslim League and expressed his desire to unite all factions of the League.

He accused Main Nawaz Sharif of being the main hurdle in unification of the PML. At the same time, he pledged that he would continue his efforts aimed at League’s reunification even if he had to lead a protest march towards the residence of Nawaz Sharif. Former Chief Minister and President of PML-N Sindh, Syed Ghous Ali Shah spoke on how the PML came into being and had the credit of creating a separate homeland for Muslims of Indian Sub-Continent. In his opinion, PML was the only party which believed in Two-Nation Theory and was the custodian of the motherland. He was very critical of one faction of League which supported a military dictator and martial law regimes adding that this trend must come to an end now. He admitted that military dictators had always divided the League for their self-interest to protect their illegal rule. He also paid tributes to organisers of Nazaria-i-Pakistan Conference.

It may be recalled that late Pir Pagaro was a great promoter of PML runification and few months before his death all leaders of different factions of the Pakistan Muslim League minus Nawaz Sharif assembled at Pir Jo goth. They included Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, former prime minister Zafarullah Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta, Ijazul Haq and Sheikh Rashid. The main objective was to bring all factions under one banner of PML. But this effort could not materialise due to rigid and stubborn attitude of Main Nawaz Sharif who was willing to accept all others but Chaudhry brothers. If one keeps the current political scenario in mind, Nawaz Sharif has no other option but to re-unite all factions of the Leagues if he effectively wishes to counter his arch rival Pakistan People’s Party and the fast emerging Tehrik-e-Insaaf led by Imran Khan. General elections are not far away and time is running fast. Hurry up Mian Sahib!