ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded leader Salim Saifullah has said if the government can get the 20th Amendment passed by the House unanimously, why it cannot present and endorse 21st amendment for the missing persons’ release.

He was visiting the camp set up by the Defence of Human Rights (DHR) in front of Parliament House for the release of missing persons. Saifullah expressed solidarity with the families of the missing persons.

Meanwhile, new families of missing persons Sunday approached the camp to convey their strong message for the release of their loved ones allegedly detained by the intelligence agencies.

Chairperson DHR, Amna Janjua, talking to INP said 15 new families of the missing persons reported to the camp on Sunday, adding that several other families from various parts of the country would soon visit the camp.

Politicians, human rights activists, lawyers and other people including a large number of federal capital residents were approaching the camp of missing persons’ families to express solidarity with them. They also criticised agencies role.

A student of Agriculture University Peshawar, Imran Khan, hailing from South Waziristan Agency and now settled in Peshawar narrating his ordeal said his brother Advocate Aurangzeb was on the way to Peshawar High Court along with another Advocate Elahi when they were picked by intelligence agencies on July 14, 2011. The agencies released Advocate Elahi after torturing and pressing him for four hours while his brother Aurangzeb despite being member of the Peshawar Bar was still in the custody of the spy agencies. Imran said advocate Elahi informed him that those agencies’ personnel had asked him not to disclose in the courts the way they both were picked.

Another family of a missing person, after their arrival at the camp, said that armed forces picked male and female family members and destroyed their house completely. An old woman with two grandsons said her son was in custody of agencies for the last three years. He was arrested along with the remaining family members including children but the other members of the family were released later, she added. The old woman said they were living in a single room and they had no resources to reconstruct the destroyed house.

Every family in the camp had a story of sorrow, pain, distress and everyone whoever heard their stories became sad. Mothers at the camp were waiting for their sons and kids were waiting for their fathers.

Amna Janjua, heading the camp, reiterated her resolve saying that the camp for the release of the missing persons would only end after the release of the last person being detained illegally by the spy agencies. She also asked the families of the missing persons to participate and contact the camp in order to collect the actual figures of the atrocities.

Amna also demanded of the government to release the missing persons immediately and impose complete ban on the picking of people illegally by agencies when law and courts were functioning in the state. “Illegal detention of anyone even if he is criminal is not legal according to any law,” Amna said adding, that criminals must be brought to the courts.