TOBA TEK SINGH - Sunni Ittehad Council(SIC) Chief Maulana Fazal Karim accused the government of neglecting Balochistan and letting the ‘miscreants’ fuel anti-state and subversive activities on pretext of the government’s wrong policies.

Delivering Friday sermon here at Jamia Masjid, he said that the government ill-conceived policies had given rise to separatist elements in Balochistan and provided them with a plea for their anti-state activities. The SIC chief termed the 20th Amendment in the constitution a move by the politicians for their vested interest. The religious scholar claimed that his party had not decided to make electoral alliance with any political party, adding that however, a final decision in this regard would be made prior to the general elections.

On the occasion, he announced that the SIC would stage country-wide protests if the govt did not stop supplies to Nato force in Afghanistan.