WARBURTON - Students, their parents and teachers on Sunday protested against the grade-8 and grade-5 examinations, mainly Mathematics and English papers, which contained questions that were either unintelligent or ridiculous which even a matriculation pass-out cannot solve. It may be mentioned here that the examinations were conducted under the Punjab Examination Commission.

And such mistakes in the papers are a reflection of the incompetence of paper-setters in the PEC.

As per reports, the part b of question number 44 of the grade-8 Maths paper was about calculation of the area of a triangle. The measurements given for the triangle were absolutely wrong, as its three sides measured AB-30cm, BC-14cm and AC-10cm. No mathematician the world over could draw a triangle with these measurements because the sum of two sides (of the triangle) must be greater than the third. Similarly, in part c of the same question, the area of a triangle (BCE) was 30cm² instead of 60cm². So, technically the question was absolutely wrong.

Moreover, the Punjab Examination Commission has sent a key to the examiners for paper marking, in which part c of the question number 42 of the same paper has been calculated incorrectly.

In the grade-5 English paper’s MCQs, the students were asked to tick mark the proper noun. But in a question, the options of Apple and Pakistan were both proper nouns.

Similarly, in another question, students were asked to tick mark a verb, but there was not any verb in it.

If the papers setters commit such mistakes in question papers, then what could be expected from the students of fifth and eighth classes.

It is learnt that paper-setters were given honoraria in millions as the PEC spent more than Rs10 million on invigilators, Rs13 million on paper marking, Rs3 million on printing of question papers.

The students and their parents have protested against the incorrect paper setting by the PEC and requested Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take action against this negligence.