PESHAWAR - A bomb blast Sunday in remote Tirah valley in Khyber Agency killed nine members of a tribal militia set up to combat militants, and wounded six others, an official said.

The bomb was planted by local militant group Lashkar-e-Islam, which is led by warlord Mangal Bagh, at Markaz Stani checkpoint in Bazaar Zakekhel Shankhel Naray Baba.

“It was a planted bomb and was detonated when the anti-militiamen reached a private checkpoint” run by the militants, who had deserted the checkpoint, local government official Khalid Mumtaz told AFP.

The nine volunteers of Zakekhel Lashkhar who were killed included its commander Naek Afzal Afridi. The injured were shifted to hospital.

Tribal agency official Iqbal Khan said the militia was set up to fight against the Lashkar-e-Islam. Khan said explosives planted at a militia checkpoint were detonated by a timer.

He said the militia later killed two Lashkar-e-Islam members, without providing details. Bombers and gunmen have killed more than 4,800 people across the country since July 2007.