A lot is being said and written in the media as to how to ensure that the contesting politicians would be honest and conform to the requirements of articles 62 and 63 etc. There are hundreds of ways and means to filter out the bad from the good and the ECP would be thinking seriously of implementing those methods. However, may I suggest only two measures which would, apart from many others that the ECP would be using, make the task of the ECP very easy?

The first being ‘eFiling’: All contesting candidates should file their nomination papers and the various documents – tax returns, utility bills, and bank statements electronically, which the ECP should upload on its website immediately for all to see and report any discrepancy noted by the general public. If the papers of a candidate are found fraudulent that means he has tried to cheat with intent and knowingly. He should, therefore, be punished most severely for this act. He and his immediate family should be debarred from taking part in any elections at least for 10 years. Political Party’s Responsibility: No one knows better and more than the political parties themselves about the credentials of their candidates. The party should be made accountable for allocating the tickets to their nominees. In that, if the nomination papers of more than 25 percent of the candidates of a political party are rejected by the ECP, that party as a whole should be debarred from participating in the elections.


Rawalpindi, February 18.