Pakistani entertainment channels seem to be obsessed with foreign programs and due to this they do not acknowledge the work of their own artistes. Initially when these private channels were launched, they relied heavily on Indian soap operas for many years and even produced their own programs following the same pattern. And if this was not enough, they have now turned to Turkish shows. At present, most of the leading entertainment channels are broadcasting at least one Turkish soap opera and also about three Indian soap operas.

This is really unfortunate and shows that how we take an easy way out by depending on others and not working hard ourselves. I think that instead of banning foreign channels in the country, PEMRA should keep a check on the content of the local channels, because broadcasting foreign channels is not wrong, but showing foreign programs on local channels, at the cost of our own shows is indeed a disgrace. And the heads of these channels should also remember that if they themselves will not value their work, no one else will.


Karachi, February 15.