Negotiations between the Federal Government and the banned outfit of the Taliban committees for peace have been in progress and quite disappointedly have made no headway so far. What everyone is asking is who are these Taliban and where have they come from? They have huge resources and modern weapons; who is their provider? Are the enemies of Pakistan so strong that they have taken hold of the militants and are using them against us?

With the start of the negotiations the country took a sigh of relief thinking that terrorism will stop, while the talks go on, but the Taliban went back on their word. After the negotiations started, veteran politician and Pakistan Muslim League (PML) chief Ch Shujat Hussain stated more than once in Islamabad and Lahore that terrorism and drone attacks cannot go together, though still wishing for the success of the on-going negotiations.

One may agree or disagree with Ch Shujat Hussain but the stance he has taken regarding the on-going peace negotiations seems to be quite reasonable and logical. How can one expect peace from the apparently internationally sponsored mass killers who now want to dictate their terms and ask for assurances in writing from Pakistan Government, that there would be no killings of the Taliban, even before they agree or announce a ceasefire?

The people generally believe that the terrorists were being supported and sponsored by the USA, India, Israel and Afghanistan. If there was some truth in this regard the Federal Government should come out with categorical statement as the people of Pakistan have a right to know who is the enemy? Who is killing innocent people in the name of Islam and who are these bearded war lords tooting guns in the mountains?


Lahore, February 17.