The gruesome killings of 23 FC personnel by the Taliban clearly demonstrates the flimsy ground these deliberations stand on. There were reservations even before the talks began and with this recent incident, our worst fears have been realized. As per the instructions of the Taliban, drone attacks were halted but they still continued to jeopardize their side of the bargain. We can’t be expected to be so daft as to release their terrorist ‘brethren’ into the streets and appoint their leader Mullah Fazlullah as the head of the country!

While the team representing us adopts perpetual silence, the other side deliver ominous threats with the likes of 100 female suicide bombers at their disposal along with continuous lethal attacks, which are all pressure tactics to make the government surrender. The government should stop wasting time in these futile discussions and carry out a robust military operation against such terrorists if they really want to see an end to the killings going on!


United Kingdom, February 18.