Audit officers of Income Tax Department Hafizabad & Pindi Bhattian have called upon the business community to avail the Income Tax Relief Scheme of the Prime Minister by filing Income tax returns by 28th.

Addressing a seminar, Mian Muhammad Akram and Muhammad Iftikhar Ali, the audit officers, Inspector Aftab Ahmad and Supervisor Faisal Munir said that the government had provided relief for those traders who had not filed their returns during the past one to five years. Such traders could file their returns at the rate of Rs25,000 per year by February 28, they added.

The seminar was attended by a large number of traders of the district. The officers further said that they would be exempted from any penalty or additional tax if they filed their returns.

MEETING: The main purpose of establishment of price control committees and Sahulat bazaars is to protect the rights of consumers and availability of essential commodities at reasonable rates, said a meeting.

Special price control magistrates were asked that the traders must get nominal profit but they should not fleece the consumers.

The special price control magistrates were asked to continue crackdowns on the profiteers and hoarders to provide relief for the consumers. With the consultation of the representatives of Traders Association, the committee fixed prices of certain commodities.

582 CASES DISPOSED OF: The District Benevolent Board at its recent meeting has approved 582 cases of in-service and retired government employees. The meeting which was chaired by the District Coordination Officer Mansoor Qadir has approved 478 educational scholarship worth Rs2,213,500, besides 53 marriage grants worth Rs 800,000, 10 monthly grants worth Rs198,000 and 41 funeral cases worth Rs 164,000.

He said that provincial government decision to grant educational scholarship to the children of in-service and retired government employees is appreciable and the personnel should apply for the grant to make the career of their children bright.