LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that relations between Pakistan and China are based on sound foundations of mutual trust and sincerity, and no power on earth can harm their friendship.
He was talking to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing on Monday. The CM said that Beijing supported Islamabad in every hour of need and the people of Pakistan are proud of their friendship with China spanning over 60 years. He also thanked the Chinese government and people for extending him and his delegation a warm welcome. He said that the basic purpose of his visit to China is to seek cooperation in energy sector and he is confident that the people of Pakistan will be rid of load-shedding with the cooperation of the Chinese government and investors.
Shahbaz said that Pakistan fully supports one-China policy of China and like Chinese leadership, wants to see this region free from violence and terrorism. He said that Pakistan has fought three wars with India which gave nothing but poverty, hunger and backwardness to the two countries. He said that the proposed economic corridor is of high importance for Pakistan and is on the top of agenda of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi while speaking on the occasion said that Pak-China relations have stood the test of time. He said that the Pakistani president is the first foreign head of the state to visit China after the arrival of the new-year. He said that China highly values its friendship with Pakistan.
CM Shahbaz also met the Chinese Vice Minister for Trade who said that Pakistan is not merely neighbour of China but a great friend.
The Chief Minister also met Chairman of Export and Import Bank of China, Li Ruogu. During the meeting the bank authorities expressed willingness towards making heavy investment in the production of coal fired and solar energy. The CM said that the projects to be executed with Chinese cooperation will be completed speedily. The CM also addressed a meeting of the committee of joint cooperation of Pakistani and Chinese governments. He stressed the importance of Chinese cooperation in energy and infrastructure sectors. Later, Shahbaz attended a dinner hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi during a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Beijing, paid glowing tributes to his services as the CM and declared him “Pakistan’s Man of Action”. The Chinese FM said to the Chief Minister that Punjab will have an important role in the construction of economic corridor between Pakistan and China and it is a matter of satisfaction that the biggest province of Pakistan is being led by an efficient and hard working person like Shahbaz Sharif.
He said that Chinese leadership is fully aware of his excellent performance in Punjab and considers him Pakistan’s Man of Action.