Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. It is also defined as a process through which industry has been able to derive and distribute its business inputs and outputs wherever it could get the maximum profit. The liberal ideas of higher education characterized education as public-good, which neither ends with use, nor is diminished by redistribution, like other sources of wealth like land or minerals.

Acquiring of higher education has gained importance in Pakistan in recent years. The neoliberal reforms i.e., privatization are affecting the restructuring of higher education. These reforms are also affecting the role of universities and policies underlying these reforms. This reformation process has increased the higher fees and privatization of education, while the quality of education also needs to be taken into account

The universities in the western world underwent a transformation after the extensive university changes of the late 1960s; which changed their role to producers of knowledge workers, from producers of knowledge. As important contributors to the knowledge economy, universities became not just trainers of young minds and creators of knowledge, they became agents of acculturation and agents of economic growth that can help a nation to compete in the global economy and increase human capital


Kasur, February 17.