ISLAMABAD - The federal government in yesterday’s National Assembly session informed that national census will be held by next month in case of availability of Pakistan Army’s personnel.

“The government is fully prepared to hold census in the country. After getting a clear nod from the defence ministry it will be held in March or April,” Parliamentary Secretary for Finance Rana Muhammad Afzal told the house.

Afzal, responding to call-attention notice posed by MQM’s lawmaker, informed that census could be held in a month or so in case of unavailability of Pakistan Army’s personnel, who are currently engaged in the Zarb-e-Azab operation.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, a couple of days before had also hinted at delay in population and housing census on account of unavailability of military personnel who are engaged in the operation Zarb-e-Azb.

The parliamentary secretary elaborated that the census procedure in the country will be completed in 18 days. “All preparations have been finalized, as the country is divided in over 160,000 blocks to hold census in a systematic way,” he said.

He further said that this process would be held under the supervision of Pakistan.

Taking part in discussion over the presidential address, former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali came down hard on the incumbent government for concealing facts from masses.

“The government should speak truth and avoid telling lie,” he said adding that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was formed with the consultation of both government and opposition. He also criticized government’s strict stance against NAB to strengthen it.

Jamali shared that the matter to privatize PIA was also taken before him in his era. “I refused privatization of national flag carrier (PIA),” he said the government should stand on its feet and avoid taking foreign loans.

Syed Essa Noori, on his turn, was of the view that the census should be held after every ten years. “People will not afford to go to every area of Balochistan for census,” he added.

The house, in a unanimously passed resolution, urged for working wholeheartedly to alleviate poverty and bring peace, progress and prosperity in the country. The resolution was moved by Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal in the House.

"The National Assembly adopts the outcome document of UN summit for post 2015 development agenda; transforming our world; the 2030 agenda for sustainable development" as Pakistan Development Agenda, which is reflected in the Pakistan Vision 2030 and has support of all political parties as well," says the resolution.

It urges upon the federal and provincial governments, private sector, civil society and media to work wholeheartedly with due resources to implement this plan so that goals for people planet, prosperity and partnership and peace are achieved in time.