KARACHI: Advisor to CM Sindh on Information, Moula Bux Chandio has said that census is the matter of life and death for people of Sindh and any delay in it will not be tolerated. He alleged that the country’s sovereignty is being put on stake by adopting non-serious attitude over crucial national issues.

Speaking during a luncheon hosted in honour of senior journalist here on Saturday, Moula Bux Chandio said that census is a highly crucial and sensitive mater for Sindh, therefore, PPP would host an all party conference (APC) over the issue in which representatives of all political, religious parties and nationalist groups of the province have been invited.

He said the census is a legal obligation and the federal government is bound to do it in letter and spirit but the overall situation pertaining to the conduction of the census has become dubious and it seems as the Centre wants to defer it.

Chandio alleged that the federal government, which is a Parliamentary government, is fleeing from the Parliament and is imposing its rule over the entire country by simply winning the majority from just one province. The smaller provinces’ rights are negated and their just demands are ignored, he maintained.

He said the people of Baluchistan have also now started yelling they would be transformed into a minority by dumping the influx of people from other provinces. On similar premonitions, Sindhis are also afraid of becoming a minority in their own province.

To a question, Moula Bux Chandio said that he does not consider Urdu-speaking community of Sindh as a separate entity but they are Sindhis as they have their interests and everything in Sindh.

He lambasted the federal government for removing electric transformers from a big area of Hyderabad and thus depriving majority of population of electricity. This is done on orders of a federal minister, who used to fanning him during protest against power outages in Punjab.

Chandio said when the Sindh CM only demanded that any federal law enforcement agency including Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) should inform him about any action, his demand was widely criticized and rejected but now when the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started action against them, they are making a hue and cry ignoring how they had responded to Sindh CM’s call.

They are now preparing to bring changes in NAB after being get caught by any federal agency, they start altering its basic shape and limits which was against democratic norms, said Chandio. 

He said despite Sindh government had serious reservations on actions by the federal agencies in the province but the provincial government had not created any impediment to check or fail the operation.