LAHORE: The Lahore High Court yesterday sought assistance of Attorney General of Pakistan and Punjab Advocate General in a petition seeking directions to change Lahore High Court name to Punjab High Court.

A retired session judge Javed Rashid Mehboobi filed the petition. The petitioner submitted that names of other two High Courts Balochistan and Sindh were on names of the provinces and Lahore High Court name should not be after a city. He stated that the High Court was for the province and it’s name should also be Punjab High Court. After hearing initial arguments, Justice Shahid Waheed of the LHC sought assistance of attorney general of Pakistan and advocate general of Punjab. The court adjourned hearing for three weeks. Meanwhile, the LHC allowed the petitioner to amend a petition against the prime minister for allegedly making a statement against the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Earlier, the LHC registrar office had objected to the petition saying that Prime Minister had immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution.

The petitioner filed an application against the objection of the registrar office and on petitioner’s request, judge allowed him to file an amended petition. Petitioner stated the PM recently issued an alleged ‘warning’ to the NAB chairman during a public address and tried to influence the anti corruption watchdog. He stated that the PM amounted to mock the law of the land and undermine the autonomy of the NAB and such a person was not qualified to hold office of PM. He requested to restrain the PM from interfering in the affairs. In another case, Justice Shahid Waheed of the LHC sought assistance of advocate general, Punjab in a petition seeking strict security of hospitals and educational institutions.–STAFF REPORTER

Shehnshah Shumail had filed the petition and pointed out that provision of security was of police duty; schools cannot provide security as private guards cannot fight against trained terrorists. He requested the court to order the Punjab government to provide security to educational institutions and hospitals.