In the atmosphere of suspicion over the implementation of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), the PM’s holding a consultative meeting, which has led to the setting up of a high powered ten member committee is a prudent move. The 10 member committee comprising of all the four chief ministers is to take up the issues concerning the CPEC, and its implementation.

Apart from the Prime Minister’s assurance of his personal involvement in the smooth enforcement of the CPEC, it has also been agreed upon to constitute a special cell at the Ministry of Planning, and Development, for the effective cordination, and information sharing.

Notwithstanding all these measures taken by the government to dispel doubts, and concerns of the smaller provinces, the Federal and the Punjab PML-N led governments need to rise above petty regional interests, or so to say, the interests of particular stake holders this time, in order to cement the tottering bonds of cohesion of the smaller provinces vis-a-vis federation, defuse the secessionist sentiments, and clear off the long established narrative that ‘Punjab is monopolizing beyond what is its rightful share.’


Islamabad, January 17.