Reference retired Brigadier Amjad Kayani’s unconvincing arguments on numerous channels. The decision by Gen Raheel Sharif to prosecute corrupt khaki officers involved in irregular activities will restore army’s prestige and dignity. It is too important an institution to be made hostage to greed of few within its ranks. They owe it to thousands of valiant soldiers who offered supreme sacrifice.

Universally accepted code of morals and ethics for men of honor, such as Principle of Conflict of Interest, have been trampled by likes of Kamran Kiyani and few members of this family. They should have given a thought to prevent blowback their conducting of real estate business within cantonments, especially DHA, a subsidiary of an organization that their elder brother headed. Is it mere coincidence that huge construction contracts were awarded to them during tenure of their brother while he held important assignments? This abuse of late has become very profound by those holding important paid or elected public offices in this country, where corruption has become so rampant that it has eroded our moral values and harmed economy, resulting in booming of criminal economy, which offers perfect environment for terrorism to spread.


Lahore, January 13.