ISLAMABAD  - Highly ignorant Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minster Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada instead of accepting Pakistan’s worst ever performance in the 12th South Asian Games, continue to defend the PSB and said it was much improved performance of the national contingent.

Mian Riaz while talking to the journalists termed last time around in 2010 SAF Games held in Dhaka Pakistan finished way behind and won only four gold medals. Despite several journalists advised him to check the record and not to defend poor showing, Riaz insisted he had just sought report from the PSB and insisted that according to his information Pakistan had done remarkably well and win 12 gold medals this time around.

The actual facts are Pakistan had won 19 gold medals in Dhaka last time and finished second overall. It is pertinent to mention here that it was for the very first time in history Pakistan had sent a huge contingent mainly based on blue-eyed persons from IPC and PSB and near and dear ones of the federations. DG PSB not only embarked on joy-ride himself, but also managed to take his native Sargodha mate M Fayyaz, swimming pool daily wager Shababan Yasir and number of other persons, who had nothing to do with sports. DG didn’t stop here as he, in violation of Ministry orders, traveled through road route through Wagah border. He also got visas of other cities of India, where he would travel on government expense and nobody could dare to ask him on what grounds he is plundering the national wealth with both hands and why he has been granted over the moon powers and why IPC Minister doesn’t bother to take action and lending him unconditional support?

When asked about PM had granted permission to Pakistan cricket team to travel to India to play in ICC World T20, once again Mian Riaz was unaware and said he doesn’t know whether PM had granted permission. What a great choice by the PM to appoint a person as for sports, who doesn’t know ABC of the sports. When asked about whether PM would travel to UAE to visit PSL final or not? Instead of answering the question, Riaz rued that despite being sports minister, he was not invited by the PCB to witness the PSL final.