This is in reference to the news about MPs pouncing on Achackzai regarding him being unaware about the change in rules making Na’at recitation compulsory after recitation of Holy Quran in NA before commencement of every session. Claims of special perks and privileges by elected parliamentarians and public office holders violate all Islamic principles and the constitution, which clearly states that all citizens are equal. It would have been far better if all MPs start attending NA sessions and take part in its proceeding to justify their daily allowances because almost every other day there is crisis of lack of quorum.

Recitation of Na’at is fine, but instead of mere visual effects, our parliamentarians and PM should adhere to the Constitution, by being paying all taxes, raise their voices to highlight abuse of power and ensure accountability. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has set very noble examples, which if followed by those at helm would ensure good governance and rule of laws. Did any one of Prophet’s (PBUH) followers who assumed the role of Khalifa lead luxurious life styles on public expense, claimed immunity from laws or held assets in foreign countries? Mere recitation of Na’at would not serve any purpose, nor give the parliament an Islamic make over, unless parliamentarians were to lead by example.

Malik Tariq,

Lahore, January 15.