A person named as Bhuwan bam from India earns approximately 10 lacs a month only by uploading funny videos on YouTube, even our businessman don’t earn that amount. 

In Pakistan many of the youngsters committed suicide due to joblessness, our young generation has lot of innovative ideas but no platform through which they can fulfill them but there are many other ways of earning except from being an employee of the government and private sectors, we just need to open our minds, 

Who doesn’t know mark Zuckerberg, a man amongst the top ten millionaires of the world just by introducing Facebook? 

Why do Pakistanis waste their time by working 24/7 to earn only 20 thousand per month? The main reason is that parents don’t allow their child to spend 6 hours of a day on the internet as they always want their child to be either an engineer or a doctor but they don’t see the interests their child has. Secondly we don’t believe in the power of internet. Internet is the thing which can make you millionaire by just sitting in your home but our minds are closed because we don’t believe it until we see. 


Nawabshah, February 1.