SAMBRIAL-Citizens flayed the Gepco failure to rehabilitate overhead power transmission lines across tehsil to save people from falling victim to electrocution.

During a survey, residents of different areas told this correspondent that the overhead power transmission lines, passing through streets and rooftops in various villages and Sambrial city are posing potential threat to the inhabitants.

They informed that about a week ago, wife of a citizen Razzaq Mehar came in contact with these power lines passing through the rooftop of her house at Uchian Kharolian village-Sambrial. Resultantly, she got severe electric shocks and died on the spot, making people of the area poignant.

According to Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Act 1997, Section 21, the Gepco is responsible to follow performance standards to protect safety, health and environment. According to the chapter 12 of Consumer Service Manual approved by the Nepra, Gepco is liable to monitor and implement safety and security plan to avoid fatal and non-fatal accidents. The Gepco is also responsible to educate consumers about all possible means to observe safety measures but Gepco has failed to provide such effective awareness to the people of tehsil Sambrial.