The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) tried to get the assistance of the Thailand government for the restoration and maintenance of the Ghandhara Archaeological Sites. This is a healthy and vigorous sign for promotion of tourism. The Swat Valley has many Buddhist carvings and stupas, and Jehanabad contains a Seated Buddha statue. These statues were deliberately targeted and demolished by the Taliban, especially in the Swat Valley. They destroyed the soft image of Pakistan too by acting and showing extremism. The Burmese Muslims have been facing extreme violence by the ethnic Rakhine Buddhists. The core reason behind this viciousness is fear circulating among Buddhist Rakhines that they would soon become a minority in their ancestral state. Therefore, people in majority should think wisely and do not impose their thought and beliefs forcefully, before targeting to any religion, faith, culture and civilization. The tourism industry of Pakistan has declined since the start of the War on Terror in 2001. After the restoration of law and order, the tourist flow is once again showing a remarkable increase over the previous two years. If the country becomes more peaceful, visitors are predicted to rise. 


Faisalabad, February 1.