LAHORE - Punjab Government on Tuesday authorised medical board to take decisions regarding necessary tests and treatment of former premier Nawaz Sharif at Jinnah Hospital.

Medical Board headed by Principal Allama Iqbal Medical College Prof Arif Tajjamul had forwarded its recommendations to the Punjab Home Department seeking directions regarding required tests and further treatment of Nawaz Sharif on Monday.

While recommending angiography of Nawaz Sharif, the board stated that latest equipment was available for the required test at Jinnah Hospital. If required, all facilities for treatment were available at the health facility.

Talking to the media, Prof Arif Tajjamul said that sugar and blood pressure of Nawaz Sharif was normal. He said that TROP T of Nawaz Sharif was negative. Prof Arif said that small stones in kidneys were not big issue. He said that condition of Nawaz was not serious and his heart disease could be managed at Jinnah Hospital.

Personal physician of ex-prime minister Dr Adnan said the former premier was suffering from serious coronary artery disease with multiple co-morbidities. He (Nawaz) required early treatment at a specialised cardiac centre, he said, adding that all previous boards had recommended angiography which has yet to be done. He said that decision regarding further treatment could be taken after evaluating report of angiography.

Like the last day, unruly scenes were witnessed during the visit of daughter of ex-PM Maryam Nawaz. On her arrival, workers showered rose petals and chanted slogans in favour of the ex-PM. Presence of large number of workers caused a mess that led to breaking of the main gate. Angry workers also exchanged harsh words with police personnel.

Maryam expressed concerns over the health of Nawaz Sharif. She said the family had not been formally given medical report. She said that all information was coming on media. Maryam said doctors were seen saying on media that angiography of Nawaz had been proposed. Referring to the statement of government representative before the court during hearing on bail application of Nawaz, she said everything was clear. She said that government stance of not getting medical report of ex-PM was indicating its motive. She, however, prayed that the Almighty would do some good in the final decision on bail application.

Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif also met Nawaz to inquire after him. Attempt of a party worker to come close infuriated Shehbaz. Security guard took the worker away. 

Talking to the media, He urged the government to strictly follow the recommendations of the board Shehbaz expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment of Nawaz Sharif. He avoided replying to a question about contacts with other opposition parties. To a question regarding increasing tension between the neighboring countries, he held Narindra Modi responsible for the situation.

Earlier, before departure of Maryam Nawaz, police stopped a female medical student from taking air gun to the girls hostel. Initially the police allowed the student but later stopped her from taking the gun on the indication of party workers. The student told the police shooting with friends in leisure time was her hobby. The police did not allow the student to talk to the media.

Denying entrance to the emergency due to VVIP movement caused huge inconvenience to the visiting patients. Several incidents of visiting people exchanging harsh words with the police were witnessed.