In the Afghan peace process, women’s position still remains precarious. If the Taliban continue to rule the state, women will once again be left under their surveillance which will revive a new era of brutalities and violence against them. Therefore, the withdrawal of American troops would have consequences beyond whatever future role the Taliban have.

In 90s the acute and relentless era of Taliban’s has shown the most barbaric and misogynistic mindset practiced against women. The situation of women was dismal during the Taliban area, especially in the categories of health, education, employment, freedom from violence, equality before the law and political participation.

Afghan Women’s Network says: cases of violence against women show that strong patriarchal structures spur the prevalence of misogyny, which often leads to violence. Thousands of afghan women were jailed, killed and stoned to death for so called moral crimes by Taliban. The most horrific violence against women continues to be carried out in the Taliban-controlled regions, which indicates the evil, misogynistic mindset of Taliban.

Notwithstanding, owing to 40 years of war in Afghanistan, cultural practices have more power than the law, which is why this time the Afghan issue should be dealt with honest an honest hand. In a nutshell, before complete withdrawal, it should be ensured that Taliban accept Afghanistan’s Civil Constitution without amending it. Secondly, the peace mediators must make sure that they introduce reforms to better women’s position in the country.


Gujrat, January 31.