Thursday was the day when some of the families of Karachi buried their beloved disables in sand till their necks when it was solar eclipse. It was India where people did the same as well. Despite the success of scientists, many of the South Asians believe on fake spiritual leaders and they take suggestions from them. Fake spiritual leaders are the ones who destroy the lives of many people by stealing the comfort of the societies in the name of curing them. In Sargodha, on September, a mother believed in a Pir and she took her five year old son to a Pir for expelling his jinn, but the boy was terribly beaten by the Pir and he was hospitalized. Another Pir was arrested for raping a woman in Sheikhupura.

Unluckily, scientific thoughts have not taken root in our societies. But, instead of demanding evidence, we are looking for easy answers.