KARACHI           -          Anti-corruption authorities in Landhi area of the metropolis raided a government food warehouse seizing illegally stocked betel nuts on Wednesday.

According to details, the anti-corruption bureau apprehended six people from the vicinity while the food inspector in charge of the warehouse was also taken into custody. Anti-corruption officials revealed that the food inspector had been storing and selling illegal betel nuts after taking heavy bribes Pakistan Rangers, Sindh on January 2 recovered a huge cache of smuggled betel nuts and drugs during a raid carried out at Sindh-Balochistan border.

According to the paramilitary force spokesman, they carried out a raid at the Sindh-Balochistan border and recovered a huge cache of non-custom paid betel nuts and drugs.  The recovered items worth just over Rs 22 million.

The law-enforcing authority personnel also arrested the accused involved in the smuggling bid and handed them over alongwith the recovered items to the Customs authorities.