RAHIM YAR KHAN-United Arab Emirates (UAE) Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al-Naihan cut short his private visit to Cholistan in Rahim Yar Khan and returned to the UAE on Wednesday.

On this occasion, stringent security measures were taken and the Royal Guards of the UAE had taken Chandna Airport into protective custody.

It has been learnt that Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed has cut short his visit due to unexpected rise in temperature in Cholistan. Along with playing sword hunting during his stay in Cholistan, he also had to examine various ongoing development projects being completed with active assistance of the UAE in Rojhan. Advance parties and staff of Sh Mansoor bin Zayed have also started moving back to the UAE.

10 more fall prey to stray dogs in Khanpur

Ten people including three children were bitten by stray dogs in a single day in Khanpur city, some 30 kilometer from Rahim Yar Khan. An atmosphere of fear has gripped the city due to rising incidents of dog-biting. However, the city administration is yet to swing into action and take any emergency measures to curb such incidents. According to sources, stray dogs bit and severely injured two children in the face. The victims were given emergency medical assistance. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of stray dogs across the district over the year but the district administration has not taken any significant measures to eliminate them.