I wish to pinpoint the need for  establishing a Sub-Campus of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad - aptly at Faisalabad.

Population-wise, Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan. It also boasts a status of the second largest industrial city of the country; and it is also a central place for higher education and employment opportunities for about 20 million people in the area comprising central Punjab.

Every year, quite a large number of science and engineering graduates apply for admissions in Master and Doctoral courses in PIEAS, Islamabad and in Karachi Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering (KINPOE), but only a fraction of the total number of the aspiring applicants happen.

To get admission in these two nuclear institutes.

Needless to point it out that these two Institutes are the only ones of their kind in the country and also that they can offer only a limited number of seats for admission in their courses.

It goes without saying that establishment of at least one such more institute in the country is an impelling necessity.

Accordingly, it is suggested that the concerned authorities should please take due cognisance of this situation and in their earnest, endeavour to establish one more institute of nuclear engineering and applied sciences in Faisalabad or in any other city of the country they deem fit; this one can be a Sub-Campus of the PIEAS.

For some reasons, an apt option in this connection would be to select Faisalabad where much of the needed infrastructure such as a sufficient area of land, could be made available out of the spacious premises of the Nuclear Institute of Agriculture and Biology (NIAB) and the National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE).

It will not be amiss to point it out that the well-furnished laboratories and the scientists working in the aforesaid two Institutes and the Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine (PINUM) can endeavour to meet the research and teaching needs also in the upcoming one.

Their can be no denying the fact that the three existing institutes at Faisalabad can prove to be a fertile ground for doctoral research in the new one in: agricultural sciences, genetic engineering, nuclear medicine, and radioisotope diagnostic and therapeutic studies.

Nuclear technology is of such a nature that it brings in its wake, many advancements in other areas of science and technology which usher in industrial progress and economic growth of a country.

I, therefore, entreat the authorities concerned in this connection to consider please the establishment of a Sub-Campus of PIEAS (Islamabad) at Faisalabad or any other city in the country they deem fit.