ISLAMABAD - The Capital police claimed to have arrested 11 outlaws from various areas of the Capital over the alleged involvement in the illegal activities and recovered four pistols, two wine bottles and looted items worth Rs200,000 from their possession. A spokesman for police said that DSP (Rural) constituted a police team to arrest the criminals who assembled at Darbar Pai and were planning to commit robbery. Subsequently, police team raided above-mentioned spot and arrested four accused namely Asif Khan, Zameer, Amle and Saad Muhammad. Police also recovered four 30-bore pistols and rounds from their possession. Whereas, Tarnol police recovered the murder tool (pistol and three rounds) from Akhtar Ali, which was used by him to kill a cab driver. Similarly, CIA police arrested an accused Manzoor Hussain and recovered 30-bore pistols and rounds from his possession. Secretariat Police recovered 30-bore pistol from an accused Tauqeer who was involved in the murder case. Meanwhile, Aabpara police arrested a person Shoaib Aslam and recovered two wine bottles from his possession and Shehzad town police arrested two thieves and recovered looted items worth Rs200,000 from their possession. Police spokesman said that cases had been registered against all arrested accused and further investigations were underway from them. Meanwhile, anti-car lifting cell of Islamabad police have impounded 15 suspicious vehicles and found them tampered after the laboratory test. A spokesman for Islamabad police said that SP investigation Saqib Sultan assigned the task to DSP anti-car lifting cell to trace the stolen cars. The DSP constituted a team which succeeded to impound 15 vehicles which were found tempered after their laboratory tests. These tempered cars bear the registration numbers as follows: Honda City, Corolla ABY-498, Corolla LOS-5881, Corolla RIP-6562, Corolla LED-8067, Pajero FDL-2880, Corolla LS-657, Corolla NA-540, Corolla LW-5125, Mehran B-1272, Mehran AAU-4685, Khyber Peshawar-4569, Khyber PGD-654 and LXP-0172. Four vehicles bearing registration number from Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi have been traced. Further investigation is underway from the owners of these tempered cars. Police spokesman said that these cars would be handed over to their actual owners after the completion of investigation.