The recent Railway accident near Mian Channu that resulted in the lamentable deaths of eleven children that were going to school on that hazy morning has brought tears to many eyes. The sorry state of affairs that the Railways is in is obvious to all but the Minister for Railways. In a strange sleepy-dopey kind of a press conference, he accused the dead wagon driver of the carelessness that led to this mayhem. In fact, the dopey minister ought to have resigned himself at this colossal failure of his department. Railways, mind you, has been unable to provide for under-passes or gates at hundreds of crossings in Punjab. Imagine the anguish of hapless mothers whose small children met with death in such brutal fashion while going to school. The minister had nothing except gibberish to offer them on their irreparable loss. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 14