This is with reference to the drone attacks on Pakistan territory. I am sure these attacks could not happen with out consent of Pakistan although Islamabad denies publicly having an agreement with US on these incursions. Since Pakistan and US are partners in war against terrorism, both countries should help each other with intelligence reports to counter the Taliban menace. If Pakistan does not have the capability to pick and hit terrorists on its territory from air, and Americans have that capability because of this drone technology they possess, we should let US hit the terrorists. We should also clearly acknowledge that we are taking help from US in this regard. It should be made clear to the public that it is a joint collaborative effort with we providing the intelligence and US acting upon it. The government seems to think that such an acknowledgement would create a negative feeling among our people. In fact, it is telling our people that drone action is an act of hostility by the US. But if that be so, why don't we shoot down the drones as we have the capability to identify and target these objects? This was done once in case of an Indian drone that was destroyed in Pakistani aerospace back in 2003 The government has been indicating to the people that we do not have that capability by tamely calling US violations of our airspace and territory. That is in effect saying that an independent country is being openly attacked and nothing can be done against it. I think acceptance of the drone strikes as a cooperative venture would satisfy people in a sense that it would be understood that US is not violating the Pakistan aerospace and doing it with our agreement and coordination. I am all for drone attacks to kill only the culprits and no collateral damage. But even in the biggest dividend that we have had from these attacks, the killing of Baitullah Mehsud, some collateral damage took place. Better coordination and even more accurate intelligence would help us avoid that. -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, January 17