LONDON - The EU Parliamentary Delegation to Gaza led by Sir Gerald Kaufman MP returned after a four-day visit to the Palestinian territory the other day. The delegation comprised of 60 individuals of which 50 were MPs, MEPs, and Lords representing 13 different European countries. The EU Parliamentary Delegation visited devastated areas of Gaza where they met with women and children who were victims of Israeli aggression last year. Many of whom spoke of witnessing the shooting and maiming of family members. Britains first Muslim Lord Ahmed stated while talking to the Nation said that Israel is refusing to allow essential materials in to rebuild the devastated Gaza. There is a complete blockade on cement, steel, and bricks, as well as food, medicines, and petrol. Many members of the delegation felt that there should not be a special code for Israel in EU and that trade sanctions should be considered. Sir Gerald Kaufman, leader of the British Parliamentary Delegation, vowed to continue putting pressure on Parliaments and governments in Europe, to find an urgent solution to the problem and a way forward, so that the Palestinian people can live a life of normalcy.