KARACHI (APP) - Anand Ram Hotwani, Judge, Anti Terrorism Court (ATC), III for Karachi division on Tuesday sentenced an accused Rahimullah to death on three counts, ordered forfeiture of properties and imposed a fine of rupees 150,000 in kidnapping for ransom and murder case of a contractor for NATO.According to prosecution accused kidnapped Shaukat Awan, supplying oil tankers for transportation of oil for NATO troops in Afghanistan and demand a ransom in millions. The victim was in captivity when a police party raided the hide out of accused in Baldia Town. The accused Zubair Bengali, Jamil and Noor Muhammad died when one of them detonated a suicide vest. They all killed along with victim Shaukat Awan whosw body was recovered from debris. Rahimullah was later arrested and tried in the case. Alleged to be a member of a banned out fit, the accused was also facing trial in murder case of Allama Hasan Turabi who died in a suide attack. The ATC which earlier reserved the judgement announcing it today awarded death sentences thrice to the accused. The court sentenced him to serve 12 years in prison on different charges proved against him including possession of illegal arms, encounter with police, attacking police party with intention to kill police officials. The court also ordered forfeiture of property worth Rs 1,00,000 and all moveable and immovable property. The court also fined him for Rs 1,00,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 20,000. In case of default, he was ordered to serve another 21 months in prison.