WASHINGTON-US President Barack Obamas job approval rating during his first year in office averages 57 per cent, among the lowest when compared with his predecessors, according to an opinion poll released by Gallup on Monday. When Obama took office, his initial approval ratings were among the highest for a newAmerican President, with the first-quarter approval averaging 63 per cent, said Gallup. However, his public support dropped, with a sharp, nine- percentage-point decline from his second to third quarter in office, and the final-quarter average stands at 51 per cent. Compared with the first-year averages of other US Presidents elected to office since World War II, Obamas average ranks on the low end, tied with Ronald Reagans, but better than Bill Clintons historical low of 49 per cent, said Gallup. One of the factors leading to Obamas recent slump is Americans dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy. Although US economy seems to be recovering from its worst recession in history, Obamas approval rating for handling the economy has declined over the course of the year and reached a new low of 40 per cent in the most recent USA Today/Gallup poll. The Presidents approval is further dragged down by his healthcare overhaul, top on his domestic legislative agenda, with only 37 per cent in favour of his endeavors on this issue. Gallup polled more than 40,000 American adults, aged 18 and older, through telephone interviews, between October 2009 and January 2010.