The recent issue of The Scientific American journal (January 2010) has warned that in case of a regional war between India and Pakistan, a 100 atomic bombs of the intensity of Hiroshima could be lobbed in both the countries to destroy whole cities. The journal also states that Pakistan could elect to use its nuclear arsenal before India swamps its military bases. The consequence would be a conflict that may kill 20 millions people in the region. It could also kill one billion people around the world due to a general failure of agriculture caused for ten years by the smoke blanketing the earth. That would mean no rains due to masking of the sun for many years. In view of the above-mentioned facts, it would be wise for India to solve the problem of Kashmir itself and desist from blocking the waters of three Western rivers that are the lifeline of Pakistan. The bluster of the Indian army chief ought to be curbed by his masters in the Indian government. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 19