ISLAMABAD The members of Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms after a heated debate on Tuesday agreed to retain the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) with the recommendations to bring uniformity in the perks and privileges of the judges. The committee meeting held under the chair of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani after a break of few days and resumed the task of revisiting the Constitution. On the issue of FSC, some of the members of the committee demanded its abolition terming it a parallel judicial system. But members from religious parties and the parties considered to be representatives of right wing vehemently opposed it and said that being the Islamic state they should not do away with this system of jurisprudence. After heated debate on the issue, the members of religious parties prevailed over the situation and it was proposed that FSC should be kept intact. The sources privy to the deliberations of the committee informed TheNation that still the committee had not touched the controversial matters including the renaming of NWFP and the extent of provincial autonomy. The sources informed that keeping in view the pace with which the committee was doing its job, it was expected that the proposed draft amendments in the Constitution would be tabled before the Parliament before the end of current Parliamentary year. But at the same time one of the members of the committee seeking anonymity said that keeping in view the lax attitude of the major political forces in the country towards the core issues, he was not expecting the presentation of the draft amendment proposals by end of Parliamentary year. He said that Awami National Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) committees to reach at some common ground on renaming NWFP had just held inaugural meeting and now they were sleeping on the task assigned to them by their central leadership. He further said that in this sort of apathy towards the core thorny issues, one could judge well the seriousness of main political parties towards the constitutional reforms and added that in this sort of environment breakthrough on constitutional reforms was a far cry.