ISLAMABAD Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Amad has assured the Senate that Government is taking up the issue of enhanced screening guidelines for Pakistani passengers with the United States and will not rest till the guidelines are taken back. The Minister on Tuesday was winding up the debate over Senator Raza Rabbani and Deputy Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamalis adjournment motion regarding the new US screening guidelines that subjected Pakistani passengers to special scrutiny. He informed that President Zardari had strongly raised the issue with US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke during his recent visit to Pakistan, who, he said, had assured to take up the matter with US Secretary for Homeland Security to review the same. Malik Amad further said the President had made it clear to the US Envoy that Pakistan was not a Banana state and had effective security mechanism at the airports. He added that the new US guidelines were not acceptable at all, which, he said, were against the concept of mutual respect and could badly affect Pak-US bilateral relationship. He said Government would not rest till US authorities take the said guidelines back. Earlier, while taking part in the debate, Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Prof Khurshid said that US attitude towards Pakistan was based on enmity and humiliation. He called for protection of sovereignty and dignity of the country through a tit for tat response. Senator Ishaq Dar of PML-N said that Pak-US relations were always transactional and issue-specific. He added that the United States left Pakistan to its fate after the cold war regardless of the losses Pakistan sustained during the Russian-Afghan war. He stressed the Government to proactively engage the US authorities over the outstanding amount of US $ 2.2 billion under the Coalition Support Fund. JUI-F Senator Khan Muhammad Sherani called for presenting before the House the agreement signed with the US for provision of logistic support. Senator Tahir Hussain Mashhadi too called for imposing the same restrictions over US citizens travelling to Pakistan. PML-N Senator Zafar Ali Shah said the Federal Cabinet and ruling PPP should have passed resolutions to condemn the new US screening guidelines. Our own Government is not giving due heed to the recommendations of the Senate, then how we can expect the US authorities to respect our institutions, Senator Shahid Bugti regretted. The House, however, passed no resolution regarding the issue. Senator Raza Rabbani during the session had requested Chairman Senate to allow due time for the adjournment motion, as, he said, they were bringing about a resolution too. However, later, while talking to TheNation, Deputy Chairman Senate and co-mover of the motion Senator Jan Muhammad Jamali said they wanted to bring about a resolution in straightforward words instead of diplomatic language and therefore they opted to wait for the next session of the Senate. The House deferred discussion over the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2009 to talk out the adjournment motion regarding new US screening guidelines. A number of treasury and opposition senators had opposed the bill and wanted to discuss the same.