KARACHI - Sindh Taraqi Passand Party (STPP) has demanded that right of rule on Sindh must be given to the indigenous people of the province besides ensuring right on its resources and expulsion of illegal immigrants. Speaking at a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday, STPP chief Dr Qadir Magsi said that his party had started campaigning all over the province to ensure right on its resources and right of rule for indigenous people of Sindh, and against the deteriorating law and order situation and influx of illegal immigrants. To create awareness among the people of Sindh regarding problems facing by them, the protest rallies had been observed in divisional headquarters, however, a huge rally would be held in Karachi on January 21, 2010, in this regard, he said. He appealed to the people of Karachi to participate in the protest rally, which will start from Mazar-e-Quaid and culminate at Tibet Centre on MA Jinnah Road. Highlighting the five points on which STPP has started movement, he said that the right of rule for indigenous people of Sindh was the first point. The acceptance of rights on its resources such as Karachi port, oil, gas, water and taxes being collected from the province was the second point of struggle, he said. Estimating that taxes involving at least Rs1,600 billion are collected from Sindh, but in return only Rs220 billion are receiving to the province which is nothing to its share in national economy. He also rejected the 7th NFC Award, which was announced unanimously, saying that Sindhs right over its taxes should be accepted. Magsi said that all the illegal immigrants came after 1954 from India, Bangladesh, Burma and other countries should be expelled to the their native countries. He demanded that the people of other provinces living in Karachi and other parts of the province should not have the right to vote in Sindh and their names must be deleted from voter lists. He also made a unique demand that government should issue work permit for the people of other provinces who working in Sindh. He demanded that the regional languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Sarieki, Balochi and Pashtun should be declared as national languages and these languages be adopted as official languages in the provinces concerned. In fifth point of struggle, STPP chief said that government should expose and apprehend the killers involved in the assassinations of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, Shaheed Zulfiqar Bhutto, Mir Murtaza Bhutto and other political murders. The culprits involved in the incidents of May 12, 2007, April 9, 2008, arson incidents following the bomb blast occurred in Muharram procession and target killings in Karachi should be exposed and arrested immediately. Magsi presented himself as voice of the people of Sindh including Karachi, saying that his party will accelerate its struggle against 'Waderas, anti-social elements of Karachi and Punjabi establishment. The nationalist leader demanded that government should initiate census which was due since 2008, adding that NFC Award should be announced on the basis of next census. He termed the Rangers as financial burden on Sindh, demanding that Sindh government should send this federal force back as it has been failed in maintaining law and order in Karachi. On the pattern of Balochistan, levy and Frontier Constabulary, the Sindh government should create a Sindh paramilitary force on the indigenous people of the province to maintain law and order in Sindh.