KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain has urged the government and the Baloch dissidents to sort out their differences by talks and through peaceful means. He made this proposal in his telephonic address to Baloch elders meeting organised by the MQM in honour of Baloch elders and notables at Lal Qila ground, adjacent to MQMs headquarters Nine Zero here on Tuesday. MQMs Provincial Minister - Ms Nadia Gabool, MQM Rabita Committee Member Ashfaq Mangi, Noted Artist Anwar Iqbal Baloch and others also spoke on the occasion. Talks with the pro-government Baloch or with the governments allies alone are not enough. The dissidents and those who oppose the government policies should also be invited to parleys, he proposed. Altaf urged the government to take practical steps for the release of arrested Baloch and recovery of the missing Baloch. He further demanded that military operation in Jafarabad and other parts of Balochistan must be brought to an end forthwith. The MQM chief said that the US was also compelled to hold talks with the Taliban therefore all those Talibans who are not involved in terrorism, attacks and the blasts should be invited to talks. He said that Balochistan had itself joined Pakistan just after the partition in 1947, but the resources of the province had been occupied and the province becomes a colony. Altaf said that there are conspirators who are trying to pit Baloch against the MQM. He said that these plotters were bent upon sowing the seeds of hatred between Baloch and the MQM. He recalled that he had opposed the military operation during the tenure of former president Gen Pervez Musharraf. The military government had deferred the military operation but finally conducted the operation after a year, he said. He further said that he had announced a fact-finding mission to ascertain the factual position at Dera Bugti but some Baloch leaders and Shahid Bugti, a relative and party official of Akbar Bugtis Jamhoori Watan Party had forbidden him. He said Shahid Bugti told him that the time was not propitious for that mission. He said that Baloch are not enemies of Pakistan. He urged elders of the communities that they must part ways with those who are involved in illegal activities, saying that MQM had expelled 20,000 members for their involvement in un-societal activities. He said MQM had nothing to do with the gang war. MQM and its city Nazim served Baloch localities and gave them water supply scheme. We shall give more development schemes for them, he announced. Altafs address evoked an instant reaction from one of the participants who drew his attention to the Gutter Bagheecha related dispute between Baloch community and MQM. Responding to it, MQM Chief directed the MQM Rabita Committee to immediately set-up the meeting of Baloch representatives and elders with Governor Sindh and City Nazim Mustafa Kamal to sort out this dispute soon. Large numbers of people of Baloch community including women were present in the meeting. Former PPP candidate of National Assembly Sardar Akhtar Baloch, former Balochistan National Party leader Rasool Buksh Aasi, former Deputy Director AG Sindh Akbar Baloch, former MPA Fareeda Baloch, Noted Artist Anwar Iqbal Baloch and other notables were also present.