President Zardari, speaking at a reception at Governor House in Lahore said that a Europe-like Marshall Plan should be given to Pakistan. "The West is not yet accepting our demand regarding the Marshall Plan, but ultimately it will have to agree on this". But suppose if the world concedes to Mr Zardari's demand, what would we be surrendering to them? Obviously, it is a dangerous demand that might invite American economic imperialism just like American influx in the eastern Europe has been in recent times. This reminds me of an Urdu haiku "Shehr ne phir se aik gaon per, apni kali kamand dali hai - loag kehtay hain jisko pukki sarrak" I think no Marshall Plan from abroad can work. Only the people of Pakistan can bring a change by uniting and rising up to work together. We need to rejuvenate national pride and safeguard the sovereignty of our country. That would take this nation to the heights we dream of. -FARYAL FAROOQ, Islamabad, January 19