In a letter some days back, I had criticized Pakistani missions in the world capitals for their poor performance insofar as their failure to check publication of hostile material against Pakistan and not tackling the foreign media effectively nor putting forth Pakistan's point of view effectively. For instance, The Washington Post had carried a story a few days back against Pakistan and its nuclear assets. Then, British newspaper Sunday Times followed suit. It is established beyond doubt now that US and British governments, although claiming to be allies of Islamabad, are directly and indirectly using the journalists in Washington and London newspapers to disseminate malicious propaganda against Pakistan. The Sunday Times story is about Pakistani nukes, basically an amalgam of lies and half-truths, to press the point that Pakistan should be viewed with suspicion for being a Muslim nuclear power. It is a matter of satisfaction that in these two stories at least, no direct mention of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has been made. But still one would advise Dr Khan to be very circumspect in his utterances and writings and especially avoid oblique references to our nuclear programme and current assets. The need for this reminder has arisen due to the nuclear scientist having gone in overdrive with columns, speeches and exhaustive interviews to all and sundry. -KHALID KHAN, Lahore, January 18