LAHORE Seeing their previous and impending failure in procuring development funds, female MPAs, especially PPPs, and from all the political parties having representation at the Punjab Assembly boycotted the proceedings and held a protest on Wednesday since they deemed that the gender discrimination was humiliation. After boycotting the proceedings, they staged a protest on the stairs of the highest provincial legislative house, and raised slogans to condemn the Treasurys indifference and use of delaying tactics. Immediately after the Question-Hour, PPPs Sagheera Islam pointed out non-provision of funds to female MPAs, and alleged Law Minister Rana Sanaullah of making false promises during the last three years and indulging in delaying tactics. Rana Sana summarily rejected her assertion by saying that he had not made any promise. No MPA has any right for development funds though they can point out problems of their respective constituencies. The House has the right to decide the issue, maintained Sana, adding that the Chief Minister Punjab had constituted a committee for looking into the matter. However, dissatisfied Sagheera Islam questioned the very existence of the committee, and maintained that funds were being demanded for constituencies, not for personal usage. She also stated that the government was not releasing funds for their suggested schemes, while female members of all the assemblies were getting money for development schemes. While the females were raising slogans, PPPs Syed Hassan Murtaza asked the Treasury to inform females explicitly, and the Speaker should form a committee sans Law Minister as its member. Minister Social Welfare Neelam Jabbar supported her colleagues and averred that they should not be meted out this treatment. Sanaullah Mastikhels words of wisdom 'I offer inauguration of development projects in their name raised tempers since the females deemed that they had been insulted. Even Rana Sanas declaration that Punjab was their constituency did not cool down angry females, who left the floor to gather outside and protest. Though Fauzia Behram did not join her colleagues in protest, but she endorsed their point of view. PPPs Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed supported the females in their demand. It seems that the Punjab government is not serious in dealing with the issue, he observed, and this was immediately rebutted by Rana Sana. Differences in opinion do not mean humiliation, which should be understood by the female members, he suggested, while requesting the Speaker to form a committee with Neelam Jabbar in the chair. After this, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan made the announcement of forming 5-member committee, and asked Neelam Jabbar to bring back her colleagues. Opposition Leader Ch Zaheeruddin was of the view that funds should be provided to the MPAs though they must also understand that their job was legislation. Later, the protesting MPAs came back to the House, which took Adjournment and Privilege Motions, which were disposed off. Rana Sana also introduced the Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Amendment) Bill 2011, which was referred to the standing committee for industries to submit its report within 30 days.