There is lot of debate going both on electronic as well as in print media about the indiscriminate killings in Karachi for quite some time now. On TV talk shows, the anchors call the leaders of all political parties who are the stakeholders in Karachi to come out with the reasons and possible solution to the Karachi mayhem. One finds only the blame game during these discussions without any concrete solutions/outcome. Having some experience of such situations during mid 80s, I have to offer one key word for the solution to the Karachi killings. The key word is no complacency. The party heads know very well who are behind the killings but they are complacent and provide cover to their activists. The agencies work under provincial political government and have their own loyalties. The Karachi problem can be solved by carrying out impartial intelligence operations by the army. For this, all the present Intelligence heads of various agencies in Karachi should be immediately replaced by the real professionals and there should not be any political interference in the intelligence operations. A General from the army should head these operations and should have full authority in controlling the situation. He should apprehend the criminals and award stern punishment irrespective of the party affiliation of the criminal through the special military courts with wide publicity. Once this impartial apprehension of culprits and their execution is carried out, there would be all peace and tranquility in Karachi. Unfortunately, the criminals get away with strong political links and complacency shown by the rulers to some groups. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, January 19.