Gordon Brown showered Barack Obama with presents worth more than 10,000 while he got a set of 25 classic film DVDs in return, White House papers revealed yesterday. The Queen probably got the true value of the U.S.-UK 'special relationship in better perspective, sending the Obamas framed photographs of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh worth 484. The Brown and Obama exchange of gifts came in March 2009 when Mr Brown visited the White House as prime minister. He presented the President with a black and gold pen with a pen holder made from the wood of HMS Gannet, a British sloop used to fight slavery. It was an expensive gift given that, together with a Winston Churchill biography by Martin Gilbert and his book Churchill And America, the total value came to 10,300, according to a register of foreign government gifts to U.S. federal employees in 2009. The DVD rebuff did not deter Mr Brown who, seven months later, gave the President two more tomes A Carnegie Anthology (about the Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie) and, testing the Presidents reported love of reading, Scottish Estate Tweeds. Together with a Johnstons cashmere sweater, the second batch of presents came to 637. Sarah Brown was no less thoughtful towards the First Lady and their two children. Her gifts, valued at 303, read like a holiday packing list a Harris Tweed purple shawl, three shirts, two pairs of sunglasses, two skirts, a belt, a blazer, a pair of jeans and two bead necklaces. While there is no sign of anything from her husband, Samantha Cameron also gave presents to the First Family while David was still Leader of the Opposition. She chose a Lara Bohinc rose gold Solar Eclipse bracelet for Mrs Obama and two books, The Railway Children and Charles Lambs Stories from Shakespeare, for the Obama girls. The present list provides a fascinating insight into the behaviour of world leaders towards the U.S. President. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was the most generous in pure financial terms, giving gifts worth 118,000. They included a ruby and diamond jewellery set worth 82,000 and a 8,800 pearl necklace. The least expensive gift was a 46 bottle of olive oil from Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Dmitry Medvedev of Russia gave Mr Obama 15 CDs artists unknown but no doubt Russian and a 'small wooden CD holder to put them in. Many presents followed national stereotypes. Germanys Angela Merkel gave him a business-like briefcase, Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi sent him 12 silk ties and a gold watch and the Dutch prime minister gave an orange bicycle with an extra seat. Israeli tourism minister Binyamin Elons reason for giving Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a 2,100 sculpture entitled The Spies was less clear. (The Mail)