NEW YORK - Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may be respected abroad for his clean and modest image but he is sharply criticised at home, according to a dispatch published in a leading US newspaper. The 78-year-old leader and economist - who took the top place among world leaders in a Newsweek ranking and is regarded as a close friend by US President Barack Obama - is being blamed by critics in India for what is seen as indecision and inaction in the face of corruption scandals, inflation, rising food prices, recent election setbacks and other pressing issues dogging his ruling coalition, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Singhs political opponents and critics accused him of being aloof and silent while his coalition administration appears rudderless, even though the economy is growing, the Times said. Much of the criticism may be a rehash of old issues and typically stem from the countrys noisy politics, the newspaper said. But, Singh, apparently intending to counter the public perception of disarray, plans to reshuffle his Cabinet. There are so many uncertainties over the next four or five years that if you dont fix things while the going is good, it is going to be that much harder, later, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President of the Centre for Policy Research, told The Times. Given the historic opportunity that India has, they are frittering away precious time. Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said, Externally, he may appear to be weak. But internally, I can tell you, he is very clear in what he is doing.